Wednesday, July 28, 2010

filipina ladyboy dreams......

filipina ladyboys are human beings so natural they are looking for some qualities in a man. As a man you need to be aware of this because some of the qualities they are looking for in a man are not good. Here is a list of some of the qualities they are looking for in a man:

1) Respect- They are looking for men that will show them some respect. Meaning that if they say no you respect. Also they want their men to listen to their opinions and respect them as human beings. Just treat them as an equal.

2) Loving- They want their man to love them and care for them. Any relationship must have love to bloom. With Filipina ladyboy it is no different.

3) Equality- Now this is a funny little word. If you listen to the Feminist they would make it out that women and men are exactly equal. That is not the case. Equality should men that she has the same opportunities as you in the relationship. Meanings if she wants to work allow her to work. If she wants to express her opinion, listen to her opinion. Also she wants to feel that she is giving as much as you in the relationship and that you are giving as much as she is. That is equality. However a relationship always needs one person to have the final word. That place is the mans place as the head of the household.

4) Loyalty- This is a simple one. DO NOT CHEAT ON HER. Be committed and loyal to your relationship.

5) A strong man- Now the feminist would hate me saying this one. All women including Filipinas want a strong man that will stand up to them. This allows them to respect their man. So if you disagree with what she is doing SAY NO and stick to your guns. ladyboys will also test you to see if you say no. Remember you always come first in your life and then your lady.

6) Communication- Now I want to make something clear. Communication does not mean to tell a ladyboy how you feel. KEEP THAT TO YOURSELF. Why? Because anytime you tell a ladyboy how you feel she/he loses interest and respect in you. So do not tell a ladyboy how you feel. Instead if you disagree about something and the ladyboy also disagrees with you, talk about it. See why she disagrees and maybe see if you can come up with a compromise. Ask questions, she may or may not ask questions back. Then make a strong solution while keeping your manhood.

7) Romance- This is a simple one to do. Once per month surprise her with a gift or flowers, etc…. Do not do it more than once per month. This really keeps the romance going in the relationship.

8) Mystery- Keep some secrets about your past or some type of mystery to your relationship. ladyboys love mystery it drives them crazy for you.

9) Stability- All ladyboy want a man with a decent job and the willingness to support his/her family. This does not mean they want a rich man. They want someone that can support a family.
Some things she/he wants that is not good.

10)Money- There is a word here Gold digger. There are some Filipina ladyboy Gold diggers. If everything becomes about money then leave her. You will know because she/he will want you to buy everything in the world for her or is always asking you to send more money.

11)Trophy- This is an interesting thing about Philippine culture. Western men are considered a trophy in Philippine culture. Meaning if a ladyboy marries or have a western man to be her partner, her status is considered very high in Philippine culture. This is something you can’t change and must accept it because it is a culture thing. BUT some ladyboy in the Philippines only wants a western men for that trophy status. So be aware this is part of their culture and that there are Filipina ladyboy marrying just for this reason and not for love.

12)Better Life- All Filipina ladyboys are looking for a better life. The Philippines is a very poor country. But there are some that will marry or looking for a Western men just to get to the USA, Canada, England, etc… I recommend testing her. Tell her you want to live in the Philippines for awhile. Or tell her you want to date for awhile before getting married and bring her over. The ones that want a quick trip over will leave you and then you are free to find one that will really love you.


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